Nurturing Emerging artists
and aspiring professionals

Season 3

coming soon in 2022!


Being an excellent dancer will only take you so far - if you want to find success, there is so much more to focus on.





With Kaylie's interactive coaching and guidance you'll explore what success means to you
and learn the professional and personal skills needed to reach those goals.

All of this (and more) is covered in this comprehensive 8-week online program.

What's included?

In an 8-week online course , you will cover industry topics taking you through the professional skills, the ins and outs of the business and everything Kaylie has learnt from her extensive experience throughout her career. 
Here is a brief overview of some of the topics you will cover - 

~ An introduction to the course and getting up close and personal with your new Mentor, Kaylie. 

~ A deep dive into understanding who you are and what you have to offer as a performer.

~ Managing expectations, painting your big picture dreams, breaking down your goals and learning how to put a plan of action into place that will lead you to find your own success.

~ Submissions, casting, presentation and performance for all types of auditions. 

~ More Than Movement: a chapter that covers performance mindset; Visualization techniques to help you with performance and audition anxiety; and enhancing your performance quality to stand out.

~ A comprehensive study of communication in the industry - tips on networking and building relationships;  discussing conversation and email etiquette; analyzing body language; understanding the important role communication plays in your career.

~ Work Ethic: looking at all aspects of your reputation and the energetic footprint you leave behind. 

~ Social Media: how it plays a role in your career, how to use it to your advantage and the truth of what it says about you.

Listen to Kaylie as she coaches you through each course chapter.
Each week you will receive access to new coaching videos with the freedom
to watch or listen to them when it suits you.
Best of all, you will have life-long access to these, meaning you can come back and watch them whenever you would like.

You will receive a summarized breakdown of notes to guide you through each industry topic along with cue points designed to prompt the changes you need for your life and career.

Each week there will be a scheduled live call with Kaylie.
A dedicated session to get all of the answers to your questions on that weeks chapter.

All students and graduates will have the option to join the exclusive Beyond Dance facebook community page - a supportive space for like-minded people. Here you can share in each others wins; ask questions direct to Kaylie, receive updates and new career tips, and gain early access to any new webinars or masterclasses that Kaylie will be putting on.

Get to know Kaylie up close and personal - spend time learning from her extensive experience from 17 years in the industry.
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WHo is this for?

~ Emerging Artists and Aspiring Professionals - Anyone who is ready to build their career in the Dance and the Entertainment Industry.

~ Dancers who have finished high school and are of age to be out in the work place.

~ Dancers who are done doubting themselves and are ready to find confidence in who they are and what they have to offer.

~ Dancers who want to hear the ins and outs of what choreographers and directors are looking for.

~ Dancers who are ready and eager to work towards making their dreams come true.

~ Dancers who are looking for their first big break but haven't found it yet.

~ Dancers who are looking for a coach to mentor and support them through the next steps in their career.

ARe you ready to invest in yourself?

The 8 week online course is $1400 USD

Pay in full before commencement of the course and receive a FREE BONUS 1:1 Coaching Call with Kaylie.

Payment plan options are also available - contact for more information.

Get to know Kaylie up close and personal - spend time learning from her extensive experience from 17 years in the industry.
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