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Britney Spears - Billboard Music Awards

Britney Spears performs at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.


Happy Feet Two

Kaylie had the privilege of working on George Miller's 'Happy Feet Two' as a featured motion capture dancer, for over a year. Performing in multiple scenes throughout the movie, however in particular you can see Kaylie as one of the "sexyback" penguins in the opening segment.

TV / Streaming

Katy Perry & Daddy Yankee - American Idol "Con Calma"

Katy Perry and Daddy Yankee perform their song "Con Calma" on American Idol.

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"The best 8 weeks I have ever invested in! Kaylie’s Beyond Dance Mentorship was so inspiring and helped me gain leverage in taking the next step in my career. She was both eyes and ears for me, not only did she educate and inspire, she was available to us weekly to have one on one chats to discuss our next steps. I have never really been a goal setter. I always found it really difficult to put actions in place to achieve that big goal. During the time I had with Kaylie I wrote down my goals big and small and with Kaylie’s knowledge and experience she helped me in our one on one sessions to put systems in place to plan and achieve those goals. I feel so incredibly lucky to have a role model and mentor like Kaylie!”
Corie Janssen
“Kaylie Yee’s mentorship program ‘Beyond Dance’ was something that truly changed my life both as a dancer and a person. Coming into this program I had a preconceived idea on what the dance industry was and the mould I had to try to squeeze through in order to be “successful”. But progressing though the program Kaylie has truly opened my eyes to a bigger picture which has resulted to myself finding my own idea of “success” and how to embark on this journey. I have developed an incredible relationship with
Kaylie who constantly inspires me and it’s something I will cherish forever. I cannot be more grateful for her entering my life.”
Maddie Owen
“Beyond dance was a great experience learning from kaylie especially after finishing fulltime and being able to receive extra knowledge that will guide my current and future decisions with my career. The content was covered really well and accompanied by the one on one sessions with Kaylie which really pushed me to set out and plan my future goals. Overall I really loved this course it gave me extra knowledge, has left me inspired and motivated to focus on my future.“
Catia Donatiello
“Beyond dance was one of the best decisions I made. Not only having one on one weekly sessions with Kaylie discussing personal goals and what actions we can take to achieve them, we also had group sessions discussing all bases in our industry and in 8 weeks she guided us to her very best ability. I now have clear goals and know what steps to take to achieve them with also so much knowledge behind mefor my future in this industry. Kaylie has so much knowledge and experience to offer I highly recommend this mentorship.”
Claudia Smollens
“Beyond dance is a perfect combination of dance as well as learning about different aspects of the entertainment industry. The course is very intimate which I feel made the whole experience so special as we really got to bond as a group as well as with kaylie in our 1 on 1 weekly chats. In some tasks we were asked to analyse performers and performances and ask ourselves what is it about that performance that stands out to me and why am I drawn to them, this has made me so much more self aware of my body language as well as my own performance. That lesson has really stuck with me and will be something I carry with me as a performer and as a person.
Kaylie has a world full of knowledge to be passed down and I feel extremely grateful to have her in my life and to have been a part of Beyond Dance season 1.”
Emily Gilmore
“The Beyond Dance program was the most eye opening course I have been a part of. The quality and quantity of content that is shared, delving from Kaylie’s first hand experiences, are incredibly beneficial to those wanting to take their career as a performer to the next level. This content is communicated so thoroughly due to Kaylie’s attention to all the small details. In addition to these lessons, the 1 on 1 time spent with her proves just how invested Kaylie is in your own progress by keeping you accountable and providing unconditional support and guidance along the way. Anyone who has the chance to be able to share in her wisdom is beyond lucky. I am eternally grateful to this course and to Kaylie for her lessons and guidance which have evolved my mindset as a performer, but more importantly as a person.“
Tahlia Petreska
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